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Smart Phone Tube is centered on the rapidly evolving world of open-platform mobile devices. We work closely with android developers and manufacturers to stay ahead of the news curve and to provide the best source of open-platform mobile news and analysis on the Web. At the heart of the site lies the community which is composed of mobile and tech enthusiast and professionals, as well as, everyday consumers who are embracing the new technology. Smart Phone Tube is part of GiXiO K.K.

Here at Smart Phone Tube.com we bring you the one of the web’s most complete and up to date database of mobile and smartphones. Whether you’re searching the specs for an old classic Nokia model, or the latest iPhone from Apple, rest assured we’ve got that covered.

Smart Phone Tube’s team of experienced writers and editors is also quite comfortable going in-depth with the elaborate new products, technologies and features arriving to market. We excel at taking what could be a fairly sophisticated piece of tech, and explaining the ins and outs of it in an accessible and informative way.

Our mission is what sets the tone of our content. We are here to help our readers understand, discover, and enjoy the benefits of the latest technology innovations.

At Smart Phone Tube, our readers enjoy an expansive set of useful tools to help them discover the best mobile technology for their needs. From the vast specifications database, through the convenient specs and size comparison features, to the scientific benchmark tests we do: there is always something of interest for both casual and tech-savvy consumers.

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